The Sun

Sunset near to StokenchurchSunset near to StokenchurchSunset near to StokenchurchSunset over Birmingham skylineSunset showing the Green FlashSolstice Sunset over the seaSunset and RainSunset and SheepSunset and SheepSunsetSun setting sequenceSunset over BirminghamSunset over BirminghamSunset over BirminghamSunsetSunset Sunset over NorthamptonSunrise Solstice Sunset Sunrise over NorthamptonUrban SunsetSunrise.Sunset near Piddington NorthamptonshireSunset and Gull009b.jpgDuskSunsetSunset Sunset with green flashSunset over WindfarmSunsetSunsetSunsetSunsetSunsetSunsetAirbourne dust as Hurricane Ophelia passes over the UKSunset 24 July 2014Sunset with Tiger MothAutumn Equinox sunrise 23rd Sept 2015